My Pro-America stance will always defend the rights EQUALLY for all citizens, and not support our enemies, while preserving the American values that make so many people want to be here in the first place. Furthermore, my Pro America stance is not exclusive, but instead, it is inclusive of all Americans. It is my privilege to represent the voice of the people and know that I believe America is “Out of Many, One” or e pluribus unum. I will equally and adamantly represent every Congressional District 1 citizen. 


Even though I will fight to protect all citizens rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, there is no guarantee of happiness. However, my Pro-Growth platform is based upon the understanding that “earned success” is the key to “happiness” and that work requirements will raise welfare recipients from government dependence as proven time and time again! In addition, we have eight of the finest community colleges in the nation within District 1, so incubator, entrepreneurial and job training programs will be instilled to provide hope to all counties. Entrepreneurial Empowerment Zones will be designated via the re-patrioted tax doctrine of the Federal Tax Act. Coupled with the lowered state and federal corporate taxes, my Pro-Growth platform is working with small-to-medium sized family-based businesses throughout congressional district 1 to ensure that growth-related best practices are adopted and prosperity is embedded in our smallest communities.


GK Butterfield has a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood and supports federally funded abortions, but my platform is Pro-Family. Legislatively, I believe that federal government should relinquish abortion laws to the states and that alternative social programs are needed to consult pregnant women who may not want to be a part of the 60 million abortions since 1973, more than the population of England! Personally, I am Pro-Life, but, if federal government must continue to intervene, they need not fund abortions. 

My Pro-Family platform also is based on the belief that we are spending way too much money per student to get mediocre results. So, an educational revolution is needed. Moreover, our teachers are asked to do much, so those that elect to exceed expectations should be rewarded on merit and outcomes, not simply tenure.

Finally, current healthcare insurance premiums for families of small entrepreneurs (1-4 employees) are greater than their mortgage or rent payments. Alternatives must be created so my Pro-Family plan will include the local adoption of primary care physician concierge programs coupled with major medical insurance for emergencies or hospital stays. This alone should decrease family premiums by two-thirds!