About Me

The people of North Carolina’s first Congressional District simply deserve better. For 14 years, current leadership has descended on Washington, with nothing to show for it, except a record of following the crowd of out of touch career politicians. Matter of fact, NC has paid GK Butterfield $2.4M over 14 years while he has delivered on 2 pieces of legislation not renaming public facilities. What has he been doing?

As a self made, experienced business leader in North Carolina, I believe the people of our state deserve far more economic growth. With my comprehensive business background, I believe we can achieve that growth. I have 35 years of experience in the growth, development and leadership of businesses spanning diverse industries. Specifically, I have grown 8 healthcare and technology initiatives (1 IPO, sold 3, last has $42M valuation) and launched many startups. 


I grow communities one business at a time. Specifically, I launch startups and grow small to mid-sized rural businesses with sales challenges by building sales plans, infrastructure (sales process, comp plan, differentiation, CRM) and right-hire sales resources. Once desired growth is met, I hand the sales keys back to the owner or CEO. 


Unlike consultants, I am a business builder. I work as a Fractional VP of Sales 1, 2 or 3 days per week on site with local teams.


Any rural stagnated business can grow 25-30% with the right infrastructure. A 30% growth on a $2.5M business is $750,000 or 15 new employees! Furthermore, a stagnant family-based business may be valued at 1X revenue at best. Yet, with a year-over-year growth rate, its value is 3-4X revenue!

District 1 needs someone who is going to help boost the economy and encourage businesses, not someone who is going to force unnecessary restrictions and regulations upon them. 

One of the things I pride myself most on, is being pro- American.  By pro-American, I mean I am for ALL Americans, not just those who fit into my own economic, religious, or racial background. For years, G.K. Butterfield has taken advantage of North Carolina’s African American population, making various promises along the campaign trail, but failing to follow through  once he’s in Washington. 

The state of North Carolina is diverse, home to citizens of all backgrounds. It’s time District 1 has a representative who fights for every citizen, providing equal opportunity and equal freedom for all. Our country is a diverse one, as is our state. It’s time to stop segregating voters by racial groups. Through unity, there is equality and prosperity for all.

My name is Roger Allison and this is one of the many reasons I am running for Congress. The people of our state, and the people of the First Congressional District, deserve better.