• HSA estimates 1.7M illegal border crossings over next 10 years without a wall. Self-finance a wall by ending "reward" benefits (e.g., welfare, education) to illegal aliens.  For example, 8.5% (200,000) reduction = $18 billion. Surpluses fund improved vetting processes, port security, etc.
  • Replace the Visa Lottery Program with a merit-based system.
  • Implement the E-verify system to ensure documentation.
  • End Chain Migration except for immediate family but enable a petition-based process to grant exceptions.
  • America is a grace-filled nation believing that children must not pay for the mistakes of their parents, so create a legal status to protect DACA designee's.
  • Change current immigration legislation to: 1) eliminate court intervention outside of its Constitutional branch jurisdiction; 2)  coordinate local/federal safety responsibilities (e.g., catch-and-release ); 3) Create criminal liabilities and federal enforcement of "sanctuary cities.