Improve Section 8 Efficiency

  • Lift the 9-year freeze on vouchers and introduce a 3-year back to work housing credit.
  • 90% of landlords don't accept vouchers due to the extensive deposit wait period and inspection requirements. Replace broken system with a pre-approved smart card enabling immediate release of funds tied to a guaranteed  "mitigation fund" to encourage voucher program participation, plus embed inspection criteria into occupancy permit process.

Eliminate Lengthy Regulatory Processes

  • Change outdated Neighborhood Protection programs preventing rundown and out-of-code communities from selling or improving their properties.  
  • Reduce Zoning Requirement change timelines from 4-6 months to 45 days.
  • Exchange builder tax exemption for affordable housing (e.g., NY 421A)
  • All of the above issues will disincent builders from building expensive luxury homes to recoup unreasonable upfront costs instead of building affordable housing.