Economic Growth

  1. Lobby federal funding for NC-based Economic Empowerment Zones (doctrine of re-patrioted money of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) for industries impacted by outsourcing (e.g., apparel, furniture, farming);
  2. Couple EEZ with privately-directed investment Economic Opportunity Zones (O-Zone) enabling start-up and incubator funding coupled with back-to-work incentives (e.g., day-care, healthcare) at the office;
  3. Growth program for small to mid-sized privately-held rural manufacturing businesses;
  4. Rapid deployment of startup, incubator, entrepreneurial, certification (e.g., Medical Asst) and apprenticeship (e.g., construction, utility, specialty) programs throughout community college system including recently signed Perkins Career and Technical Education Act to ensure vocational education programs;
  5. Lessen regulations and lower corporate taxes;
  6. Introduce new Startup Angel Funds, like the Black Wallstreet Angel Fund,  for high industry subject matter concentration;
  7. Reverse the draining “under 18/over 65” county population trend;
  8. Incent BioTech, AgriTech, LifeScience and other new age industries.
  9. Continue the lowered personal and business taxes facilitated by the Trump administration's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act!