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Beliefs & Heritage

I was raised on a farm where I learned the harvest of hard work and its importance of sowing while being a steward of the land. My great+ grandfather, John Allison, donated 100 acres along with George Washington to form the nations's Mall in DC. The property is where our White House resides today. Furthermore, I am a 9th generation descendant of Patrick Henry. Actually, two Allison women married into the Henry name so I have a double dose of patriotism and stewardship of our liberties. 

Current nationwide divisiveness generated by a left-leaning socialist agenda discounts our founding father's sacrifices of life and fortune when creating our republic, but "Give me liberty or give me death!" rings louder today than any other time in our history. Matter of fact, our Declaration of Independence provides citizens "Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness" as inalienable rights. These rights became the flagship for worldwide liberties when the International Bill of Human Rights was ratified by the UN in 1976, our nation's 200th anniversary. No doubt we are an imperfect nation, but those in a rage over injustices should take stock that our nation is the international flagship for human rights (compare to Tanzania) and we continue to learn. 

Inalienable rights (rights that can not be modified, repealed or restrained by human laws) include: right to a fair trial, protection from enslavement, right to an education and a right to free speech to name a few. These are rights many citizens of other countries pray for. So, I am incensed when I see: football players taking a knee during our National Anthem; an education system that strips our students of free thought; campuses encouraging moratoriums on free speech; draconian financial penalties assessed to citizens who can't pay mandated and unaffordable healthcare insurance premiums; elimination of the pledge of allegiance from our schools; Allah with more legal rights in our civic culture than does God; increased taxes to fund expanding entitlement programs so elitist government representatives can enslave the supposed ignorant masses. You get my point.

Unfortunately for voters, now is a great time to be a Democratic lawmaker. That's right, a Democrat. They represent a few elite constituents while providing NO VOICE and using the voters who voted for them AND the voters who did not. Moreover, they simply offer no alternatives while voting "No" to any legislation that Republicans work hard on to help the people they represent, including 10 of the 13 North Carolina Congressmen. Isn't that contradictory to the word "Representative?" Can you believe that Democratic lawmakers sat on their hands when our elected President mentions "In God We Trust" and that black unemployment is at an all-time low in our SOTU address? Honestly, I believe that the Democratic party would rather see Donald Trump fail than for the American people to prosper. Furthermore, they have become irrelevant and lost the conversation of mainstream America - working men/women. With or without Donald Trump, the nationwide Populist Revolution (voice of the people) has left the station and is gaining steam. 

As such, I pledge to represent ALL of the citizens of District 1 and to PROVIDE A VOICE on a national agenda that maps to the needs of North Carolina. Stand with me to fight the oppressive agenda of the left to preserve our American values and liberties currently under attack. Furthermore, I believe in God, being truthful, and being rewarded on earned merit. My tenure will introduce programs to grow small town manufacturers of which will restore economic strength, home affordability and entice the return of our graduates to their home towns. Finally, I pledge to introduce or support legislation that decreases medical costs, restores our educational systems, fights gentrification, eliminates homelessness for our children and provides dignity for veterans and aging!

Have a Voice and vote for Roger Allison, North Carolina Congress District 1!

My top issues


  1. Affordable insurance options (e.g., cross-state, concierge, menu-based, organization flexibility) 
  2. Opioid solutions (e.g., clinics, legislation) 
  3. Veteran accessibility 
  4. Value-based provider reimbursement 
  5. Health center funding (e.g., FQHC, RHC) 


  1. Quality school choices for families including home school
  2. Improve learning environments and facilities 
  3. Increase teacher base pay augmented with merit-based incentives (e.g., student growth, bonus pool) 
  4. Ensure child safety, nourishment and opportunity across entire socioeconomic spectrum  

Economic Growth 

  1. Growth program for privately-held rural manufacturing businesses 
  2. Rapid deployment of startup, incubator, entrepreneurial and apprenticeship programs 
  3. Lessen regulations and lower corporate taxes 
  4. Reverse the draining “under 18/over 65” population trend
  5. Incent BioTech, AgriTech, LifeScience and other new age industries 
  6. Lobby federal funding for NC-based infrastructure construction projects 

Affordable Housing 

  1. Transition Section 8 housing to better voucher market choices 
  2. Support the self-sufficiency design of section 3 HUD development in qualifying communities
  3. Improve home ownership via good-paying jobs 
  4. Enable rental-to-ownership programs

My Pledge

I pledge to give every District 1 citizen a voice and to vote for legislation that is in the interest and hearts of all North Carolinians!

I pledge to encourage free enterprise and to steward programs that grow small town family-based manufacturing businesses

I pledge to embrace family values 

I pledge to keep God in our civic culture

I pledge to introduce new healthcare initiatives to ensure individual and small entrepreneur (1-4 FTEs) healthcare insurance is affordable

I pledge to support merit-based programs (teachers, doctors)

I pledge to uphold the Constitution and its Amendments (e.g., Bill of Rights) and the spirit of its creation.

I pledge to support choice in our schools and housing

I pledge to represent the Populist Revolution and to FIGHT the mouth pieces of the liberal left big government agenda trying to eliminate our sacred values, inalienable rights, choices and our way of life! 

I pledge to support innovative startup, entrepreneurial and incubator communities

I pledge to embrace fiscal responsibility

I pledge to support affordable housing by improving the economic conditions of our state

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